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Epiworld offers the epitaxial wafers which is exclusive R&D and producing professionally.

Mr. Zhao, the founder, have received the PhD. in engineering of Carnegie Mellon, USA, in 1998. He is the pioneer of IEEE follow due to the huge distribution on R&D and industrialization of Silicon Carbide in USA. Regarding to his research, he have developed the world’s first SiC SBD which is near 1000V, the world’s first SiC thyristor, the world’s first SiC BJT transistor, the only “normal close” SiC vertical JFET which is the most valuable. On the other hand, he founded United Silicon Carbide, Inc. which is the most important SiC power device manufacturer in U.S.A.; nevertheless, Dr. Zhao have exited from business to focus on the epitaxial technologies. Epiworld has the epitaxial、automatic defect indnetification and scanning test system equipped in clean room, class 100 and gained the certification of ISO9001、ISO14001、OHSAS18001 management system.

The recent purpose is becoming the main SiC epitaxial wafer supplier around the world and offering the most competitive price and high quality epitaxial wafer in the shortest delivery time. As a professional SiC epitaxial production service company, we could provide 4-inch and 6-inch specifications of SiC epitaxial substrates. These substrates can be used to produce the electronic devices such as MOSFET、JFET and BJT and these electronic devices applied to green energy and energy saving system such as solar inverters、wind power、hybrid and electric vehicles. In addition, we offer customized wafer which applied to IGBT、GTO and kinds of components for high voltage conversion application.

On the quality, EpiWorld has the latest inspection machine to examine the surface type, film thickness, doping concentration, TTV, bow, warp and flatness, to insure all the quality which meet the needs of customer. 


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