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Founded in 1950, Arnold Gruppe is one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of tools, machines as well as ready-to-use systems. Head office is in Weilburg, Germany. Arnold Gruppe now has approximately 200 employees all over the world. The main customers are in the area of semiconductor, photovoltaic, glass and quartz glass processing, fiber-optic and the automotive production.

Our core competence in semiconductor and photovoltaic is the mechanic cutting and grinding / polishing of poly, mono and multi crystalline silicon ingots and blocks. In addition, Arnold can offer innovative, standalone machines, as well as machines developed according to customer’s individual requirements and specifications, such as complete processing centers and custom-tailored complete systems with an automatic linkage of all production processes and an intelligent assembly control system.

For more than 30 years, Arnold Gruppe has been operating as partners of the automotive industry and its suppliers in the automation of production processes and production procedures. Our mission is a long-term and prosperous partnership with satisfied customers, due to innovative and future-orientated know-how. Our team of automation technology specialists will plan and produce your customized system solution, for instance in the assembly automation for aggregate and carrier components, in the automatic assembly of cable looms in the foundry practice, etc.

From 2011, Latentek has become the agent of Arnold Gruppe in Taiwan. We offer all kinds of cropping machine and squaring saw in the field of semiconductor and solar industries. To ensure higher quality for our customers, we keep chasing for better suppliers, hoping that our customers can have more choices and become the leader in these fields.

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