Company Introduction

Latent Technologies Inc. was established in Hsinchu at the end of 2004. In 2010, we moved our headquarters to Taoyuan and established business offices in Hsinchu and Shanghai. We have been actively involved in the semiconductor and solar energy industries. Since 2011, we have been deeply involved in the third-generation compound semiconductor material supply chain. Now we are the exclusive agent of many excellent foreign semiconductor suppliers.

We are the agent of various equipment of PVA TePla, a German listed company with the largest market share in Europe, including Cz/Fz single crystal silicon growth furnace, HTCVD/PVT SiC growth furnace, and diffusion welding furnaces and other industrial furnaces. We are the agent of Arnold Gruppe’s silicon ingot automatic processing equipment and Reicat’s argon recovery system. We provide customers with the customization, maintenance and trading of various machines and parts/consumables.

There are lots of advantages of the third-generation semiconductor materials : more efficient energy saving, higher power, higher frequency and more suitable for 5G communications, ultra-high voltage products such as electric vehicles. We have the most upstream CVD-SiC materials and processed parts, silicon carbide single SiC Wafer, SiC Epitaxial Wafer, GaN wafers, etc., also provide crystal slicing, grinding and polishing applications. 

Latent Technologies Inc. has continuously sought higher service quality, deeper technical supports, and wider range of products. We look forward to doing our part for compound semiconductors. In an increasingly competitive industrial environment, our goal in the future is to integrate all Taiwan’s resources and provide customers with better choices and comprehensive solutions!  

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