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Ceramic Forum was founded on 2001, located in Tokyo, Japan. Recently, they set up a branch in Shanghai, China. Their purpose is providing the one-stop service to the company for R&D and manufacturing. Ceramic Forum classifies to the semiconductor dept. and the glass dissolution dept., and the main products are wide bandgap semiconductor materials and epitaxial wafers, semiconductor examination and testing for SiC substrates and GaN substrates, also the glass manufacturing. Besides providing the latest service for the costumers in Japan and China, we’ve cooperated with partners in German, French, Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, Hungary etc. to introduce the latest technologies and the better solutions.

Ceramic Forum has cooperated with Latent Technologies Inc. from 2018. We will offer our customers high quality of substrate materials and technological service indeed.

SiC 襯底+外延晶片及相關服務
檢查/測試服務 (DLTS分析服務)
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