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ReiCat is a Germany company which develops processes and designs purification units for industrial customers, to apply precious technical gases efficiently and to purify dangerous waste gases according to the legal regulations. With more than 25 years experiences and over 500 sold units worldwide, ReiCat guarantees high level standard of service and reliability to its customers.

ReiCat has an interdisciplinary team of employees, consisting of chemical engineers, chemists, mechanical engineers, design engineers and technicians develop solutions oriented to your personal practice. Each unit includes the appropriate documentation ensuring the quick and smooth handling. It is also equipped with data communication allowing a remote diagnosis. If required by our customers, we are pleased to offer maintenance contracts plus trainings for the operators.

Since 2002, this outstanding experience and innovation in the field of technical gases and waste gases is connected with ReiCat. Latentek is fully aware of your request, so since 2102, we became the exclusive agent in Taiwan. We hope that we can provide our customer the best solution and help them reduce the costs and save our planet.

ReiCat’s strength is to handle your personal request, so please do not hesitate to send us your detailed inquiry. We will try to contact you promptly and shift your practice to reality as soon as possible.



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