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JingZhou YouXin mainly produce Quartz Crucible, Industrial Crucible, Quartz Diversion Bucket for solar and semiconductor industries. They can achieved 100 thousand annual production capacity.

There are advanced laboratory and testing equipments: 9 of quartz crucible manufacture, 5 of  cutting and chamfering machine, ISO class5 clean room, high purity water equipment, atomic absorption spectroscopy, optical microscope etc. on the production line.

The company attach importance to innovation and technology development. JingZhou YoXin is the main supplier of Jing Zhou solargiga, in the same time, their products are sold to domestic/aboard solar and semiconductor industries. 


2005 certified ISO9001: 2004 International quality management system

2010 became the high-tech enterprise add 21 patents of the quartz crucible vacuum equipment, quartz crucible coating machine

Latentek became the agent of YouXin on 2015, providing the high quality quartz crucible to solar and semiconductor indusries in Taiwan. If you need more detailed information, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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