CAE Molding Conference 2016

The Association for the Exchange of Computer Aided Molding Technology in Taiwan (ACMT) held the “CAE Molding Conference 2016 Touring Seminar”. The event will focus on the main axis of “Advanced Molding and Intelligent Manufacturing”, sharing and in-depth discussion of advanced mold technology and intelligent manufacturing technology with industry leaders Integrating applications, inviting many industry experts and scholars to share exciting topics, hoping to use this latest technology and valuable experience sharing to help industry improve development efficiency, reduce costs, and win the market holy grail!

Among them, Mr. Horst of PVA TePla AG will give a speech, introducing Germany’s latest advanced mold manufacturing technology-vacuum high temperature and high pressure diffusion welding technology. PVA TePla Co., Ltd. is located in Wettenberg, Germany. As a vacuum expert in the field of high temperature and plasma treatment, it has developed cemented carbide sintering equipment, crystal growth equipment, surface activation equipment and plasma ultra-clean cleaning equipment are all leading the world level. The various products supplied are for global industrial enterprises, especially in the fields of semiconductor, cemented carbide, power/electronics and optical industries, as well as energy and optoelectronics. At the same time, PVA TePla Group is also actively cooperating with universities and research institutions in different countries to work together on the latest technology research and development. The core competitiveness of PVA TePla is mainly reflected in the research and development, design and manufacturing of systems and equipment, which can meet the needs of customers in all aspects even under extremely harsh conditions.

Trends-Learn about the latest trends and trends in the global plastics industry
Technology-In-depth understanding of global advanced mold and intelligent manufacturing technology
Application-Industry index customers and partners share industry best practice cases
Communication-industry elites gather to exchange internships

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